RFID Products

High-performance in automatic identification enhances processes

Are you looking for a product for automatic identification? Are you missing a critical RFID tag to link your assets in processes or do you know which RFID reader is suitable for you? Or does your personnel need access permissions, which you need to follow-up?

We offer wide selection of high-quality RFID & NFC tags, readers, devices and smart products for automatic identification. Reliable and high-performing RFID products add-value to your processes. Customized and encoded RFID products with your features support your brand. We are happy to guide you on RFID technology with our expertise. We help you select the right products and devices for your projects. Using automatic identification is sustainable choice which saves resources. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advise.

To be able to offer you the highest quality RFID products, we work together with our long-time partners of tag and device suppliers.

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Toptunniste offers a wide selection of RFID tags for different environments, from industrial to customer solutions. There are many options for best performing RFID tags to suit even the most demanding targets, from harsh industrial use to environmental friendly disposable ECO-tags. We are specialized in customizing RFID tags for client’s needs, offering encoding services as well as visually personalized and branded products. We guide you with RFID technology and find the suitable products for your projects.

We are a reseller of Confidex Ltd, Stora Enso and SMATRTRAC N.V. Products are offered at our WEB STORE >>


Toptunniste offers RFID Readers and antennas with high performance. Strong functionality is needed for reliable performing RFID systems. RFID Readers, which are fixed or handheld/portable, can read and write information to an RFID tag. Finding a suitable RFID reader for your project can be challenging. We guide you and help you find and select the right devices.

High-quality German FEIG Readers, Mojix and Nordic ID devices are found at our WEB STORE >>


RFID technology is included in many other smart products, such as key fobs, RFID cards and wristbands. These products are especially designed for for access control or identifying a user. If you are not sure which would be the best suitable product for you, the starter kits include selection of tags for testing purposes.

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Are you looking for tags or other products with your company identity and logo? Branded RFID products increase your company visibility and employee loyalty. We are specialized in customer-specific products, so we will custom print and encode your tags according to your needs.

Please contact us and ask more information about customized products with the features you need!

  • Automaticly captured data is more accurate & error-free
  • Asset traceability saves time and costs
  • Information can be followed and transmitted in real-time
  • Speeds-up production lead-time
  • Enhances product life-cycle management
  • Improves workflow
  • Resources can be relocated more productively due automatization
  • Improves efficiency and profitability
Need advice for tags, devices or customized RFID products?
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